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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
New Forum Features
For any of you who peruse The Magic in Pixels Disney Photo Forums, you would be glad to know that there are a ton of new features that were just added:

1. Recent posts at the bottom of the forum index have been tweaked a bit to show number of replies and the post icon.
2. The TAB button now works in the posting box so you can very easily align text without needed to use a table.
3. A TMIP favicon is now next to the URL in the address bar (see above).
4. The breadcrumb trail at the top and bottom of the forum itself is now a bit more hierarchal for easier navigation.
5. You can preview a post by hovering with the mouse over the title of the post itself.
6. Most recent poster's avatar now shows on the forum index and board index pages.
7. Filtering options now appear at the bottom of the board index pages (makes it easy to sort among the posts).
8. Inside of your profile, you can now see the number of monthly posts and topics started (profile -> show stats).
9. At the top of the recent posts (bottom of forum index) is a new "Most popular topic today" block.
10. "Quoted" images show no longer appear more than once in the original post.
11. There is a new "spoiler" button which covers up potential spoilers. Use the "Sp" button in the posting tools.
12. The topic starter inside of that specific topic now has the tag "Topic Starter" in his profile box on that specific board.
13. The stats page now has a new "Top 10 Posters Today" and "Top 10 Posters This Week" section.
14. Everyone has a new User Control Panel instead of the original profile editor.
15. There is a new "email user" in the member list and each member's profile which takes you to a contact form.
16. Several new administrative tools and modifications.
17. Dormant members now get an automated reminder to come back and check out what's new.
18. An new button (blue arrow) was added in the posting buttons next to the add image button so you can now wrap text around an inline image.
19. Avatars have been repositioned on the post pages to be right under the stars and above the other information. Labels have been bolded as well.

So head on over and join this really great community and talk Disney Theme Park photography.

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