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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
A few milestones and little bit of bragging...
Yesterday, 12/31/2007, The Magic in Pixels Disney Photo Forum hit 10,000 posts in it's short history. Congrats to forum member Dan for hitting the milestone with his post. Also, today, 1/1/2008, The Magic in Pixels Disney Photo Gallery hit 1,000,000 photos viewed since the new gallery software package was installed less than a year ago. So, congrats to TMIP for continuing to grow and bring a lot of enjoyment to Disney Photo Enthusiasts the world around. Happy New Year!

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Blogger julesttdmom said...
Thank you can not even put into words how grateful I am for your kindness!!!!!! You have to look at the pictures of Collin enjoying what you sent him on our blog!! Thank you again!!!
Julie Presley

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