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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
The Castle Dream Lights

Here is another view of the Castle Dream Lights from about 25 feet in front of where I took the photo that I posted yesterday. Thanks to a little new Photoshop technique that I have been learning, these things really have quite the twinkle, don't they?

I only wish that I could have seen them for more than one night this past trip but there's always Mousefest in a few weeks. See you there!

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Permalink      Written at 1:50 PM by Tim.
Blogger julesttdmom said...
Tim this is an amazing picture!! You are very talented!

Crazy Awesome picture, Tim.

I am going to have to hi-jack Ray's camera to try and get a picture like this. But it still won't compare!

Now, where did I put my credit card?

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