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Monday, September 03, 2007
Disney's Electrical Parade (DCA)

There are very few things in the Disney Parks that "get me in the Disney Zone" as much as a night time parade.

Coming from the East Coast, Walt Disney World would be my "home" resort, and the SpectroMagic parade in the Magic Kingdom certainly doesn't disappoint. While the orchestral score and fantastic lighting effects during the parade certainly don't disappoint, there was no way that I would be passing up the opportunity to see Disney's Electrical Parade at California Adventure this past June.

I don't remember the Main Street Electrical Parade at the Magic Kingdom, but I have heard the music and seen photos of the parade many times. Seeing it in person, however, made the trip worth it.

I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the synthesized music and the older floats but I was instantly blown away by the "newness" of the "oldness". To me, it was the only reason I wanted to go over to DCA while in Disneyland and I am really glad that we did it. I saw the parade twice and tried to get as many photos as possible, as we probably won't be able to get back to California for at least two years.

If I had to choose between SpectroMagic and Disney's Electrical Parade, it would be a tossup. The parades, although substantially similar, are completely different at the same time. Both are night time electrical parades, but have different scopes and concepts. For now, I will leave it as a 50/50... I love 'em both!

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