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Saturday, July 28, 2007
Main Street Flag Retreat (Magic Kingdom)

My grandfather, Bill Neidig, served the county in the Army Air Corps from 1943 - 1946 as a Lt. who flew domestic transports during WWII. Unfortunately, the need for airmen was reduced after the war so he was unable to continue with his service and he had to leave the service. He has always been one of my best friends and he and my grandmother practically raised me growing up so my mom and dad could work and go to school. After finding out about the Main Street USA Flag Retreat last summer, I felt that this would be the perfect honor to try to give him, a man who loves his country, family, and the mouse.

After the Color Guard came out and got him ready (I didn't tell him about this until about 5 minutes beforehand), the Main Street Philharmonic played the Star Spangled Banner while the flag was coming down, then he was presented with it while the Dapper Dans sung God Bless America, the the Philharmonic played a medley of the theme songs from all four branches of the Armed Forces. Finally, he was able to march with this flag back up Main Street USA where the Color Guard secured the flag for the evening backstage.

The last photo is the proud family... from left, my wife Karen, son Billy, Me, Bill, and my mother, Barbara. The experience was amazing... for one 15 minute period, the Magic Kingdom was HIS. Walking into the Magic Kingdom will never be the same for any of us...

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Blogger Maz said...
The Flag Retreat is such a moving thing to see normally, but to have your grandfather, a veteran, at the center of the ceremony had to be incredible. Thanks for sharing such a personal moment. Do you have any details as to how you set this up? Guest Services?

Thanks again,

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