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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Indiana Jones Extreme Epic Stunt Spectacular
This past trip, I was able to catch a rare personal viewing of the Indiana Jones Extreme Epic Stunt Spectacular in the Disney-MGM Studios. Having not seen the show since 2003, this was a rare opportunity to patch a hole in my photo galleries with images of this exciting show.

The show educates the audience on how stunts from the movies are safely done, despite the potential for disaster at any given moment...

Taken with a Canon 5d and 70-200 f/4 L.

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Permalink      Written at 10:57 PM by Tim.
Blogger Malinda d said...
This show is a must see for all ages.

I just HAVE to get on my soap box and express my annoyance that happened when the Indiana Jones show ended. When the MC said thank you and goodbye, there was a good applause (from a full audience), the performers were still in a line and before they all took a bow, the audience just started leaving. The performers just kinda stood there and I could see the 'gee, thanks' on their faces as the unappreciative audience left. I mean, I'm sure everyone liked the show, and the applause was nice, but the audience didn't even have the decency to stay a bit for the performers to take their bow. I mean, I always thought it was polite to applaud until the bow and waited for the PERFORMERS to leave the stage, or at least disperse, before the audience left. I just felt that the audience was extremely disrepectful to the performers - who did such a good job. I mean, they work hard every day and we couldn't stay an extra thirty seconds to pay them respects. I think it's just the ignorance of the crowd - but it really disappointed me and says alot about the self-centered society we live in today.

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