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Friday, April 06, 2007
Magical Definition Podcast Update...
Well, it's been a little over a month and there are 5 episodes of the Magical Definition Podcast in the books. Here's a brief recap of the 1st five episodes...
  1. 3/4/2007 - The inaugural MDP, featuring Jim Hill and a talk about Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End
  2. 3/11/2007 - A special report from Jim Hill at the Disney Shareholder Meeting in New Orleans
  3. 3/18/2007 - All about Peter Pan and the newly released Special Edition DVD, plus a discussion about the Tinker Bell movie with Jim Hill.
  4. 3/25/2007 - Pirate Mania is running wild! This show featured another discussion with Jim Hill about the history of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, plus we welcome Jackie-O to the crew for her opinions about the classic Disney attraction.
  5. 4/1/2007 - 1st in a series of discussions with Disney Legends and Imagineers. This show featured a talk from Terri Hardin, Disney Imagineer, from the NFFC convention last year in which she talks about her career as an Imagineer and the creation of the Dragon's Lair in Disneyland Paris and her special love of Jim Henson.
This week (4/8) will have a jam packed show, so if you haven't subscribed through iTunes yet, just go to the iTunes Music Store and search for the show. You can also download direct from the website ( or stream the show from the site as well.

Your feedback is wanted and needed. There is an upcoming listener email/voicemail show so the more you send in, the more we can babble about. Send your emails to or leave a voicemail at 206-888-MDP2. Also, Shandy wants your emails as well so he can answer them on the air as well. Send those emails to Thanks again for your continuing support.

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