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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Nathan M Rose, Co-host
An award winning podcaster, Nathan has been in love with the mouse ever since he was a child and spoke his first words, "Mickey Mouse". He currently resides in South Florida with his family and visits Walt Disney World® monthly. Nathan is the owner of Magical Mountain, FlickDirect, and a variety of other websites under his company, Magical Mountain, LLC. Mr. Rose was also the co-host of one of the first Disney based podcasts, MouseTunes. Aside from all the hats Nathan wears at Magical Mountain he is also on the board of director's for the NFFC World Chapter, and is the webmaster for the non-profit NFFC (National Fantasy Fan Club) organization. He is still trying to find a way to convince his family to move up to the Orlando area (any help would be greatly appreciated!).

Favorite Character: Donald Duck, Roger Rabbit, and any Gummi Bear!
Favorite Attraction: Space Mountain, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Favorite Resort: Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Tim Devine, Co-host
Tim Devine grew up at the Jersey shore, minutes from Atlantic City. The first toy that he can remember having was a Mickey Mouse plush along with a Mickey Mouse lamp in his room. After his first trip to Walt Disney World® in 1985, he was hooked. Photography became a serious hobby in 2003 and became a second profession in 2004. The Devine family are members of the Disney Vacation Club and frequent the Disney theme parks often. Tim's Internet presence started in June of 2005 when he was introduced to blogging (Tim Devine’s Disney Photo Blog) while in California and about a year later The Magic in Pixels was created in response to the overwhelming positive feedback that the blog generated. Back in 2006 appearances at various Disney events gave Tim a stage to showcase his photography and formally introduced him to other members of the Disney Internet community and many of the fans who love his photography. Tim's portfolio can be viewed at his website,, and his prints are available for sale in the Magical Mountain Emporium. Mr. Devine and his wife, Karen, live in southern New Jersey with their son, Billy.

Favorite Character: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck
Favorite Attractions: Haunted Mansion, Spaceship Earth
Favorite Resort: Disney's Boardwalk, Old Key West Resort

Magical Definition™ Extended Podcast Crew

Jim Hill, Disney Insider Expert, Guest Host
Jim Hill is this guy who lives 'way out in the woods of New Hampshire. (Hey, it's not like he wants to live there. But the Witness Protection Program has got rules, you know.) He has one beautiful daughter and three obnoxious cats. When he's not looking for real work, Jim writes about the Walt Disney Company and related matters at

Jonathan Dichter, Voice of Shandy
Jonathan honed his vocal skills both at law school and as a professional stand-up comedian doing impressions for years. Jonathan is proud to be a part of the Podcast Crew, despite his wife's constant eye-rolling (don't let her fool you, she dropped pixie dust outside Peter Pan's Flight on their honeymoon) Be sure to visit Jonathan's blog at

David Recchione, Composer
David is honored to have his music a part of the Magical Definition Podcast. A Western New York native, he has been involved in many area concerts, recording sessions and theatrical productions including the area premier of "Disney's Beauty and the Beast". For more information about Dave and the other projects he’s working on, you can visit

Bob Frazier, Sound Engineer
A Walt Disney World® Cast Member and a Disney historian, Bob sometimes helps out "backstage" with the podcast, editing interviews and assisting with some post-production work.

Agent '71, The Inside Scoop
Every great podcast needs some double-secret insider information, and the Magical Definition Podcast is no different. Agent '71 is our eyes and ears in the parks when we cannot be here, reporting anonymously on the happenings and doings in the 'World. Nobody has ever seen or heard Agent '71; he is as mysterious to his own friends as he is to others...


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