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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Casey's Corner (The Magic Kingdom)
WOW... 3 straight days with a new post....

Jim, the ragtime pianist at Casey's Corner in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, is a truly talented musician. He plays requests off the top of his head and never has a note of music in front of him while playing. I asked him to play something from Mary Poppins for my 10 month old back in Mousefest '07, and not only did he play a song from Mary Poppins, but unleashed a furious ragtime medley of Mary Poppins songs one after another that got the entire group of folks listening rocking along with him. Jim, you are a true talent, and a class act, and I enjoy all the time I get to spend listening to you and speaking with you at Casey's Corner. Keep playing and I hope to see you this summer.

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Permalink      Written at 10:42 PM by Tim.
Anonymous Andy said...
Great to see your back Tim.... (and can't wait for the first podcast either)

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