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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Disney-MGM Studios)

This photo of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at The Disney-MGM Studios in oozing in atmosphere. Taken from a bit futher up Sunset Blvd. with a very slow shutter, the people in the foreground almost look like the same ghosts that are involved with the attraction (which I have never ridden due to being a chicken).

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Permalink      Written at 7:14 PM by Tim.
Anonymous Raj said...
Very well done - the bottom seems a bit washed because of the time, but it lends a nice effect - ghostlike.

Blogger Joggerblogger said...
You have to get on the's real fun. My little girl rode it 9 times straight; it just makes you laugh - not scary at all.

Love the picture.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
If you think the atmosphere outside the ride is neat, wait till you actually go on the thing, it's incredible.


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