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Friday, November 24, 2006 is now
Since Fred Block is a buddy of mine and an all-around helluva guy, I decided I would post his news release on the blog...more photos coming soon.

Sayreville, NJ., November 21, 2006 -- The group responsible
for organizing the largest annual gathering of
Walt Disney World internet fans in the
United States' Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions
has changed its name -- is now

"This change establishes our identity as separate from
other Disney fan organizations," notes
founder Fred Block. "We want people to know that we
welcome ALL Disney fans no matter where they're from. We
initially appealed to Disney enthusiasts who were part of
various internet groups, or "communities," but now we'd
like every Disney fan to know that they are welcome
to our Northeast Disney Fans Gathering."

Attendance at the annual gathering
has grown rapidly in just three short years.
In 2004, the first get-together was
held in Edison, NJ and was attended by just 44 people.
By the following year, word had spread about the
gathering, and the meet moved to a larger venue in
Allentown, Pa., so that it could host 170 attendees. This past
summer, the third annual event
had more than 350 participants -- in fact, more than 100
people were turned away due to space limitations.

This coming summer,'s fourth get-together
is poised to be its biggest and best gathering yet.
A new venue with facilities to accommodate a larger group
is being located, and the event details should be announced

This year's Northeast Disney Fans Gathering
will again feature a full day of activities, including
special guest speakers, contests, breakout session seminars,
a kids' play area, door prizes, and pin trading, as well as
plenty of time for conversation over a relaxing meal. In addition
to their special presentations, each speaker will also be available
for personal chats with attendees at tables set up in the
main hall.

"We may have changed our name to,
but our goal remains the same as it has always been," Block
says, "and that is to help Disney fans meet
other Disney fans, so we can share the magic that
Walt Disney World holds for all of us."

For more information on the fourth annual
Northeast Disney Fans Gathering, visit:
For further information, contact:
Fred Block Founder and Senior Event Coordinator

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