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Thursday, September 28, 2006
Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom)

Expedition Everest at night, during Extra Magic Hours at Disney's Animal Kingdom. This is a site to see and I would have ridden the darn thing but the ride was down due to an electrical storm that had passed through earlier in the evening. Another classic piece of lightscaping by the Imagineers.

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Permalink      Written at 1:09 AM by Tim.
Anonymous Tony said...
THAT ... is a very cool shot.

Anonymous Tiffany said...
It's awesome, very nice.

Anonymous Raj Boora said...
Great shot - that lake makes for amazing reflections.

Anonymous durante vita said...
You blog is pretty.

Anonymous Captain America said...
I can't wait to ride that ride!

Blogger Noel Hadley said...
I'm taking another trip to Disney World in January 07, and your photography is a nice tide-me-over until I can finally step foot through those turnstyles again. This one, of Expedition Everest, is drop dead georgeous. I wonder, though, if it was necessary for Disney imaginears to turn the mountain purple? It seems to take away from the reality of it all. St

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