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Monday, August 21, 2006
Mission Space (Epcot)

OK, so I am finally back and I am now a card carrying member of the Mission Space: GREEN TEAM! That's right, I refuse to go on the intense version with the centrifuge because, I don't know, the thought of getting dead just doen't appeal to me one bit. I have to say, I LOVE this attraction. I went on it over and over and over because the green team has little or no wait and it's just fun!

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Permalink      Written at 2:24 AM by Tim.
Blogger Noel Hadley said...
I really like ths picture of casual props on Mission: Space. While many of your other pictures have a fine grandness to them, this image speaks of the simple props found around the World and easily overlooked. I'm sure there's thousands of pictures out there taken of these jump suits, but few this nice (on a tri-pod and without a flash, Im assuming?).

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