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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Main Street Barber Shop (Magic Kingdom)

The Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom is a truly remarkable place. Here the stylists post for a little fun in front of the camera while there was nobody in the shop. The shop is a great place to get a haircut and the Little Man will be getting his first haircut there in December. Stop in and say hi to these nice folks, the conversation and atmosphere are great.


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Permalink      Written at 10:08 PM by Tim.
Blogger Yasser said...
i dont know - those scissors seem threatening

Blogger Tim said...
yasser, remember, scissors don't kill people...people with scissors kill people :)

Blogger Josh Kenzer said...
What does a hair cut in the Magic Kingdom cost? My guess $35

Anonymous Andy said...
I once had a shave at Disneyland Resort Paris... the most relaxing thing I ever did...

The plastic scissors do look scary....

BTW. Great to see you're adding all those pictures again. It felt like a long break to me. :-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I had a haircut there a while ago and it was less than 20$. They did a great job too.

Blogger agassiz said...
Tim - did your son enjoy his haircut as much as my Grandson did?

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