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Monday, July 17, 2006
What is Disney Magic all about?

One of the speakers at the DisMeets was Mike Scopa from and he spoke about "Disney Magic" and what it is all about. Which got me to thinking....what does Disney Magic mean for me personally? I had always enjoyed going to the parks and seeing the sights, smelling the smells (good and bad), riding the rides, seeing the shows, etc. I liked it because it was fun and you could check your brain at the gate (a few folks seem to check a little too much brain or didnt have enough to begin with, but I digress) and just have pure childlike fun despite your age. I mean, seriously folks, here I am at almost 30 years old -with a chance I might not ever see my wife and baby again every time I go to work- getting all excited over someone in a "halloween costume"...err, Mickey costume. One of my co-workers likes to kid me about "going to Disney World AGAIN?" and reminds me over and over that "IT'S A FAKE CASTLE", among other unrepeatable barbs and jabs all made in good fun.

I came to understand the true meaning of Disney Magic at the end of June when Karen and I took our son, Billy, to the Magic Kingdom for the very first time. Here we are, 29 and 28 respectively, with this little 5 month old bundle of joy, and I can honestly tell you that walking down Main Street USA for the first time toward that "fake castle" I was absolutely overcome with joy and wonder that I was able to share this place that I love so much with this precious child that I love so much, that I thought I was going to have tears in my eyes.

Which brings me back to Mike Scopa's talk about Disney Magic. He asked if anyone ever had tears in their eyes during IllumiNations at Epcot or Wishes! at the Magic Kingdom and I raised my hand to say YES! I was not ashamed of this, but rather proud as a father to be able to have my beautiful wife and precious son in this "magicial" place that I love so much. During the fireworks that I have seen so many times, I looked over at my wife who was holding Billy and I saw this look of pure wonder and joy on Billy's face that I got this photo and the tears started welling up, in my eyes and in Karen's.

We could have seen fireworks anywhere and I am sure he would have had quite the similar look on his face, but being there near that fake castle in Fantasyland with all of the other fake things, listening to the Wishes! soundtrack among all the other "believers" made me realize the true meaning of Disney Magic. It's not what you see with your eyes; we all know that it's not real. Rather, it's what you feel with your HEART and what you allow your IMAGINATION to tell you is real and what isn't. As Jiminey Cricket tells us, "When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true." So the next time you go to a Disney theme park, which I hope is soon, take a second to stop and think about what Disney Magic means to you....

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Anonymous Andy said...
YES, YES, YES... I know what you're talking about... I too have tears in my eyes when watching a show like Illuminations (more then once, good thing it is dark), and I am a little older then you...

Tears of joy...

Most people who know me are already past the "going to Disney again" remarks. If I am going on a non Disney holday the ask though; "what? not going to see Mickey"....

I am sure many of us Disney fans have had that tear, admit it :-)

Blogger Gary Green said...
So effin cute! Makes me want a kid... almost! I think I'll stick to an annual pass for the moment!

Blogger Arianne said...
I've tried many times to explain to people my love for Disney and about 99% of the time, they don't get it. I think you just explained it perfectly. Disney magic to me is that spark of hope you get when you pass through the gates - just when you realize all over again the reach of imagination and the potential of dreams.

Anonymous Fred Block said...

It was a real pleasure meeting you this weekend. You have a great gift! Your eyes are magical in the way you frame up the many pictures you've done. You grab those once in a life time magical moments and capture them in the way that only you can do. Second to none my friend!

Forget what they all say...they just don't "get it". You do Tim and I am happy to have had the opportunity to get to know you personally. Let's be sure to get together sometime. Keep your eyes on that wonderfull family of yours. Your baby is adorable!

Best wishes and lots of pixie dust on your future trips to the world.

Fred Block Founder and Senior Event Coordinator

Blogger Paul said...
You hit the nail on the head. My wife and I are taking our 16 month old to Disney for her first time in two weeks (it is also our 10 wedding anniversary). I almost tear just thinking about our daughter feeling the same Disney Magic my wife and I feel.

I have some friends that also do not understand Disney Magic. As another post commented, they are past commenting on Disney trips and now comment when we choose a different destination.

This Dad is looking forward to having a daughter as a reason for the tears that Disney has brought out for years. ;-)

Anonymous Tony said...
Glad to read that others feel this way too. (I thought I was losing my mind!)
I can't help but feel a tear of joy for WDW as it is where my wife & I were engaged and later married.

Anonymous Lou Mongello said...
Nice lanyard!!!! :)

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