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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
We are off to Florida for 11 days on fun in the sun. We will be visiting my grandfather, then visiting Uncle Mickey, then off to the mother in law's for a few days. The photos will return on or around July 3rd, so please check back then.

Coming soon....a MAJOR announcement regarding the future of this site and the delivery of the photos you love so much. I think you will be pleasantly surprised, so wait with baited breath!

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Permalink      Written at 9:17 PM by Tim.
Anonymous durante vita said...
I admire you for going to Florida amid this weather.

Anonymous Brad Johnston said...
I was just there last weekend and I'm from Minnesota - it wasn't that bad. Then again, I have a toddler and we left around noon each day, not returning until 5pm that evening - so we were technically gone for the worst of the heat :)

Anonymous Andy said...
Looking forward to see all the updates and even more pictures...
Picture request; Illuminations :-)

Anonymous Tony said...
Was just at WDW June 8 - 12 ... missed you by that much! Enjoy!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hope you have a good trip and visit.

Blogger Lisa said...
Have a wonderful trip! I'm having withdrawls...I haven't been since Feb!!!!

Now I need to go catch up with all your posts I have missed

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