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Monday, May 08, 2006
Recent Updates...
just to prove that i AM paying attention to your suggestions, i have made the following changes to the TDDPB...

  • new masthead
  • minor tweak to mickey background to improve readability
  • added larger frame around images
  • trying to get the text to move out a bit from the left side of the works in preview but when publishing it doesn't work...weird

if anyone knows how to move the text away from the edge, please let me know. also, if anyone knows how to make one of those upper corner ribbons "aka imbush peach, et. al.)" please let me know. i want to make one but can't find the coding to do it.

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Permalink      Written at 4:29 PM by Tim.
Anonymous Will Wilson said...
I don't know how much editing power you have over the blogger layout. But could you possibly create a blank frame down the left-hand edge to help push the text out.
Just the first idea that came to me.

Site and photos are excellent BTW.

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