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Monday, May 22, 2006
Liberty Belle (Magic Kingdom)

After all these years, the settler's cabin is still burning and burning. This cabin, viewable from the decks of the Liberty Belle and the exit of Big Thunder Mountain, has been burning for as long as I can remember. The Liberty Belle has been closed for the better part of a year and I can't wait for it to reopen as I really like the ride, simple as it may be.

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Permalink      Written at 3:04 PM by Tim.
Blogger Gidget Bones said...
I love your pics! And I LOVE Disney

Blogger Izzy said...
My 40th trip to Disney World was in December 2005 and my 6th trip to Disneyland was in March 2006...I absolutely love Disney!

Your pictures are great and made me break out the albums to see just how many I had too!

My favorite, are four pictures from four visits taken over the course of three years with the same Aladin...God I need a

Anonymous Lou Mongello said...

Yet another great shot of an often-overlooked attraction and element from it. Keep up the great work!

Lou Mongello
Author of the WDW Trivia Books and Owner of
Co-Host of the podcast

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