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Sunday, May 21, 2006
The American Adventure (Epcot)

The American Adventure, I think I've said before, is one of my favorite shows in all of WDW. It presents a (..sanitized..) history of America, narrated by Mark Twain and Ben Franklin. I think the reason I love the show so much is that, from a technical standpoint, it is simply incredible. From the huge rear projection screen which generates backgrounds to the Audio Animatronic sets that pop in and out of the scenes, the special effects are simply unbelievable.

In this scene, re-creating the Great Depression era, Sam the shopkeeper is pondering his fate with his buddies on the porch of his gas station store. He simply can't imagine how the Sunday drivers would be paying "18 cents a gallon!!"

As an aside, I found this photo on that appears to be a direct inspiration of this scene from the show. It's an old photo by Dorothea Lange that I am sure the Imagineers found when creating this show.

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Blogger Rain said...
Wow, looking closer at both of the photos there are similarities! Wouldn't that be neat!Thank you so much for linking to me and has made my day!
You have a great blog, have a wonderful week! Rain

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