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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Is there any interest out there for... to design some print material featuring the photos from this blog? Does anyone have any interest in calendars, books, posters, etc.? I am considering getting some of these things made and making them available for sale -- is anyone interested?

I have created a really quick rough mockup of what would be a 13x19 inch poster of the photos in my the image below to be taken to a much high resolution version so you can study the detail. Note that I made this very quickly and there will be images that are not in the final version, such as background images and logos , etc. that are in this preview.

I am also working on making animated DVD photoshows with music from the attractions that feature the photography in this blog. The videos are full-screen, animated (pans/zooms/transitions) and DVD quality. If I can find some way to post a sample video I will. Is anyone interested in this?

Please let me know, either by commenting on this page or, if you prefer, SENDING ME A DIRECT EMAIL. I am eager to see what the response to this may be. Thanks for all of your continuing support.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
i think there is definitely a market for this sort of thing. To be honest, i get tired of Disney merch.(photo books, calendars) that are not very detailed, and dont truly capture what its like to be there. I almost think it would be more successful to narrow the field, and maybe do a calendar on one specific attraction, with many different photos of that attraction. I for one would be more excited about something that went more in depth into an attraction like Pirates for instance, instead of getting everything in one calendar like Disney would be more likely to do.

Anonymous Grins said...
Word of caution...Disney protects it's copyrights fiercely.

Blogger BJ Wanlund said...
definitely, although you gotta be cautious about Disney's copyrights.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
that would be great! a dvd with high res pics, i love the idea

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