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Saturday, April 29, 2006
Disney-MGM Studios

Topping out at approx. 122 feet tall, the Sorcerer Mickey hat is a tribute to Fantasia, Walt's signature movie, and at the same time a perfect compliment to Spaceship Earth, Cinderella's Castle, and the Tree of Life as the centerpiece of the parks. The hat was added to the Studios for the 100 Years of Magic Celebration in 2002-2003. Prior to the hat being added, the Studios did not have a signature "weenie"; Walt used the term weenie to describe something that draws people to a specific area, such as the Castle, the Riverboat whistle (Frontierland), the smell from the bakery on Main Street, etc.

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Permalink      Written at 2:01 PM by Tim.
Blogger jennster said...
awwwwwwwww how can anyone NOT love disney?!?!!? i used to work for them!! your blog is cool!

Anonymous Brian Martsolf said...
Tim I'm enjoying you blog, however, I must disagree with your comment that MGM did not have a "weenie" before the Sorcerers Hat. It had three "icons" that vied for that position and it was this "weenie identity crisis" that let to the creation of this fourth icon for the park that usurped the place all the others had attempted to fill.

The Graumans Chinese theatre facade was the Wennie at the end of Hollywood Boulevard, but the status of "icon" form this park was split in early years between the theatre and the Earful Tower, which unfortunatly is not in a great position to be viewed from within the park. Later after the Twighlight Zone Tower of Terror opened there was some effort to let this structure stand inas a park icon in some situations (I think particularly here of a multi-view postcard I have showing, Cinderellas Castle, spaceship Earth, The TZTOT, The Grand Floridian (flagship of the resorts), and several of the top characters Tigger, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Pooh. This is certainly a card designed to showcase the icons of Walt Disney World.

But, they still used the outline of the Studios Water Tower as the printed icon for the park much as it had since its opening

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