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Monday, September 26, 2005
I have been receiving an inordinate amount of 'spam' responses to my posts in recent days and I would just like to make a clarification:

If you 'spam post' to my blog, I will delete the post as soon as I find it.

Also, I have turned on the Word Verification feature. I am sorry for the minor inconvenience but it was necessary to avoid such tripe.

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Permalink      Written at 9:59 PM by Tim.
Blogger Lisa said...
Pain in the butt isn't it? Well, those true fans ofthe site will put up with a little word verification. I had to turn it on at my site too!

Blogger 4given4ever said...
I'm fixing to put it on mine also. I've had to delete 2 just this evening in less than 5 minutes. Nice blog.

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