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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Main Street USA (Magic Kingdom)

One of the vignettes that you find in the Magic Kingdom, the balloon seller. I love Main Street USA, even if it is just a way to shake more money out of your pockets as you come and go. Walt Disney designed this turn of the century small town 'Main Street' after his home town of Marcelline, MO, however Main Street USA has that feeling of AnyTown USA at the same time. It is quaint, with lots of shops and restaraunt that ooze character due to the atmosphere and themeing. The selling point, to me, is that it doesn't pretend to be just is what it is (and it is good).

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Permalink      Written at 1:34 PM by Tim.
Blogger Lisa said...
Great shot! One of my favorite things about Main Street USA is that it eases you into the magic of Disney! I think it would be a tad overwhelming if you walked in and were immediately surrounded by castles and the like.

Blogger John said...
I totally LOVE Main Street USA!! My favorite part is where the shops are all joined together and you can walk from one to the next without going outside. They have the finest artwork and sculptural figurines on that side of the street (the right as you enter)... such beautiful things!

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