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Monday, August 08, 2005
The Living Seas (Epcot)

The jellyfish exhibit at the Living Seas, Epcot. I love the way this shot came out with the 'electric' look. The shot was taken looking through a fish tank type container with nothing fancy added in post-processing.

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Permalink      Written at 8:30 PM by Tim.
Blogger taughnee said...
I love those little guys! I've seen them many times "in real life" and they are (almost) as cool as that photo. :)

Blogger Lisa said...
I love Moon Jellies. Very cool the way they've picked up the light

Anonymous dawn said...
That is an awsome picture, thank you for sharing

Blogger John said...
Kewel. That is so purrdy.

Blogger Annalee Blysse said...
I like this picture too. I tried taking some pics of a ultraviolet lit acquarium a few months back. Didn't end up with a nice image like this thought. ;)

Blogger Photoblogette said...
Jellies are awesome! That picture turned out really cool.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
this is a really fantastic photo!

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