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Saturday, August 06, 2005
A few new things....
Hi all...

A few new things on the blog....I have added a new poll which simply asks, what is your favorite Disney park? Also, I have gone back through the relatively short history of this blog and tallied up all the comments that I have received back from viewers and made a "Favorite Fans" section at the bottom of the right frame. Those of you who are regular posters will find your names on this list and I will soon be adding a link back to your blogs.

For those of you who come here and look around but don't post comments...feel free to do so. I read every one of them and they keep me motivated to continue this exercise. According to my calculations, I have gotten 1965 visits since 7/4/2005 but only 54 comments (comes out to approx. 1 in 36 visits leaving a comment). So....let's kick it up a notch and get your name in pixels!! Who knows, maybe I will even give you a 4 x 6 print of a photo you commented never know.


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Permalink      Written at 3:28 PM by Tim.
Blogger Juli said...
Hi Tim,

Greetings from another Disney fan. What a great blog you have! Keep up the great work

Anonymous Pam said...
Hey, I Love to look at your pictures of Disney!!! I found your link on the DIS boards and I think its great. I wish I could do things like this. Thanks for sharing, and keep it Up, I will check back again.

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