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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
The Tree of Life (Animal Kingdom)

This is the wonderful Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida. This man-made tree has hundreds of different animals carved into the 'trunk' which makes for a fascinating view from all angles. You get to see this treasure as you emerge from the Oasis, the entry 'land' to the AK. It is huge and will leave you awestruck when you first see it.

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Permalink      Written at 9:57 PM by Tim.
Blogger Chandira said...
Hey! Cool...

Did you know that my teacher, Adi Da Samraj, aka Da Free John, is really into Disney?

He's said a lot about Mickey being a truly spiritual 'being' in that he is always happy.. Go Mickey!
Mickey is in his words, is 'the Icon of Happiness' much needed in the world. But you know that.. ;-)

Donald, on the other hand, is the ego, with all it's complaints and unhappiness. lol

Blogger Tim said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Tim said...
very interesting, chandira. although i have always been a fan of mickey, i find that donald and grumpy have that certain je ne c'est quoi (spelling doesnt count) that i really like right now...

Anonymous Necromantic Angel said...
Waah! Can I steal your pic? The last time i went to animal kingdom, as usual there's a bazillion people but that day there were 2 bazillion people and I couldnt get a nice shot of the tree of life...pretty please?

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