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Sunday, July 03, 2005
A Pirate's Life for Me (Disneyland)

The beautiful entry way to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, New Orleans Square in Disneyland. My wife and I find the DL version of POTC to be superior to the WDW version, and that is quite a compliment. POTC is my second favorite attraction, right behind the Haunted Mansion, the WDW version of that being better than DL.

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Permalink      Written at 10:07 PM by Tim.
Blogger John said...
Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A pirates life for me!
I'll be takin' no prisoners... aaargh!

Blogger Tim said...
hey john...

did you hear that they are filming pirates of the caribbean 2?

its gonna be rated arrrgggghh!!

Blogger RagDoll said...
Me fav'rite ride! Is there really a difference between the 2? I had always thought they were replicas.

timothy...I still laughed at the bad pun. LOL.

TERRIFIC BLOG! Mind if I add you to my links?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
C'est trop génial Orlando, la Floride, les palmiers, les parcs d'attractions...J'y suis allée l'année passée
Je pense que tu ne comprends pas ce que je dis puisque j'écris en français. Dou you speak french? Je fais comme je peux, je ne sais pas bien parler anglais

Blogger Tim said...
i believe that you said that orlando is brilliant with the palm trees, the amusement parks. you went there last year and your english is not that great. am i on the right track?

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