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Friday, July 15, 2005
New Year's Fireworks (Magic Kingdom)

This was the New Year's Fireworks spectacular at the Magic Kingdom in Florida. Taken at about 12:01am on 1/1/2005, this was the most incredible fireworks display I have EVER seen. The display was so wide, this was the widest lens I had at the time, and it was STILL not enough. This was taken from the beach of the Polynesian Resort, and you can see Cinderlla's Castle in the bottom middle, across the water. I love watching the fireworks from this location.

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Permalink      Written at 12:19 AM by Tim.
Blogger Homer Jay said...
Nice fireworks shot. I've had limited success with that and lightning. Good Job!

Blogger stefani said...

Anonymous pixibition said...
amazing shot...awesome color:-)

Blogger morealyera said...
well done! It's so hard to capture fireworks on film, but your photo was a definite success!

Blogger Ruben said...
nice capture!

Blogger Orikinla Osinachi. said...
This picture looks like things we see in some esoteric dreams.

I call it the "Flight of the White Spirits"

Anonymous Tony said...
Nice shot. What's your secret for shooting fireworks (besides a little luck)?
Well done Tim.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wow! That is great!

Blogger I Santoso said...
Wow...great shot! I've been having a lot of problems shooting fireworks. Any tips? :)

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