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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
The Keys to the Kingdom (various)

As any true Disney theme park fan knows, these are like GOLD! For those not in the know, these are Fastpass tickets, which allow you to ride the attractions almost by appointment. The concept is simple, get a Fastpass for the ride of choice, come back during the valid times, and skip most of the other people in line. While you wait for your ticket to become valid, you go do something else. A simple idea, and unlike other parks (cough cough) it doesn't cost a dime!

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Permalink      Written at 9:20 PM by Tim.
Blogger Graham said...
I've never been to Disney Land... but even though I'm 26, your photography makes me wanna go :).

Blogger Neuro said...
I totally agree with graham. I am 28 and I think your photos are attracting me to Disney! This is a great idea. Does Disney know about it? You are giving them some kickass PR!

Great info too. I'll have to remember this if I decide to go to Disney. Looks like I could get some good info from here.

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