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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Just looking for some ideas from some of the fans of my blogs...

What would you do to enhance this blog and make it even better? What would you change or add to it? Any ideas on how to decide what to post (i.e. what parks, rides, etc) instead of off the top of my head like I do now?

What attractions, rides, characters, etc. do you want to see more of? I appreciate your feedback. Tim

Ps. Just booked ANOTHER Disney trip today...#3 for the year. Disney Vacation Club is a godsend. I added a little list on the right side of the frame with all the recent Disney trips my wife and I have taken....more photos to come.

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Blogger John said...
Do you have any pics of the old rides like the Submarine ride, "20000 Leagues Under the Sea", the Monsanto ride, "Adventure thru Inner Space", or "Country Bear Jamboree"?

Blogger drama mama said...
Maybe some pics that include you or your family members!

Ditto for old ride pics!

Blogger Lisa said...
Older Attractions sound wonderful to me too.

Another thought, you can always highlight a different land per week/month.

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