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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
The Great Movie Ride (Studios)

Chim Chim Cheeree! One of the opening scenes in the Studios Great Movie Ride. A simply incredible attraction featuring audio animatronic scenes of some of the most famous movies in history is NOT to be missed. A+

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Permalink      Written at 9:34 PM by Tim.
Blogger Just Wandering said...
How can anyone be so obsessed with Disney? I just don't understand.

Blogger John said...
How can anyone ask a question like, "How can anyone be so obsessed with Disney"?
Disney and all that's come from it are one of the wonders of mankind. It is the best of all that we are, positive, generous, loving, creative, wonderfilled stuff and a whole lotta' fun.

Blogger Lisa said...
What I don't understand is how someone can hate Disney! I think that you the magic Disney creates within the theme parks is one of a kind!

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